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Are you looking for a new and exciting way to exercise? Are you looking for a greener, less costly and more stimulating way to travel? Then why not try an electric bike?

What is an electric bike?

An electric bike sometimes referred to as an e-bike or a pedelec, is a form of transportation and piece of exercise equipment that uses a battery powered motor to assist the rider in travelling faster, further and making the ride less strenuous. Different styles of electric bikes have different motors; most electric bikes use a pedal assist motor, which is activated as the rider starts pedalling, while some e-bikes use a throttle or ‘power on demand’ motor, where the motor is activated whenever the rider chooses.

Is an electric bike right for me?

Electric bikes can be a fantastic solution if you’re looking for a greener and less costly way to travel. They can also be fantastic exercise tools for a broad spectrum of fitness levels, and can even play a helpful role in injury recovery, or become an exercise tool for adults that are less able bodied. If you’re already an exercise fanatic, then investing in an e bike will introduce a brand new and exciting form of exercise. Electric bikes are also a fantastic investment for those cycling in a group, allowing all fitness levels to cycle together. So if you’re looking to become fitter and healthier at your own pace, when it suits you, then an electric bike is perfect for you!

What style of electric bike should I go for?

The Electric Bike Shop
is home to top of the range electric bikes from leading manufacturers. Depending on your personal goals, wants and needs, when selecting your electric bike, it’s important to consider a few factors, some of which may be:

• Your personal fitness level
• What you aim to use an electric bike for: exercise, travel, both?
• What area of your life you would like to improve through the use of an electric bike: a more enjoyable commute, a fitter and healthier you, more opportunity to explore the great outdoors?
Whatever your reason for choosing an electric bike, be it one of the above, all of the above, or a personal reason that we haven’t covered, considering your goals and intentions is particularly important, not to mention helpful in choosing the perfect electric bike. Below we have put together some of our suggestions to help you make the best, most informed decision when selecting your e bike.

An electric bike is an exciting and convenient way to travel. We offer a wide variety of electric bikes, perfectly suited to a range of individual needs. So whether you’re looking into e-bikes for the commute, the If you’re new to cycling or new to exercise altogether, electric bikes can be an excellent way to ease into a more active lifestyle at your own pace.

If you’re used to a manual push bike, we have a selection of electric bikes which have a classic bike look and feel, making the transition from a standard pedal powered bike seamless. The level of assistance you choose will depend on your journey and fitness level. If you are just starting out and sticking to flat terrain, then standard may be the best option for you. If you choose to push yourself, ‘high’ will offer a boost as you travel at a faster pace and up hills. If you simply want the maximum range, while travelling at a consistent and steady pace, then economy will provide adequate assistance.

We have plenty more electric bikes available, and will be happy to assist you in choosing one. Our expert team are available to provide help and advice via phone or email.
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